Would you like to live in the home of your dreams? Would you like a house or flat that could feature in a prestigious magazine?

Or are you considering your real estate as an investment for which you hope to get a high rent or price?


Real estate is one of the most precious assets in our lives. Therefore, we are certain that you would not like to have your property redecorated or renovated with incompetent contractors.


If you are looking for a design and construction company which is reliable and keeps your needs and desire constantly in view, contact us with trust. We are at your service.

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After receiving your call, our colleague arranges a meeting with you to visit the apartment to be renovated.


At this visit our colleague will interview you about your ideas, and (s)he will also survey the apartment’s general technical conditions and take all the important measures needed for designing.

This way, we will be able to provide you with an exact bid, and a detailed plan regarding the renovation. This initial survey is free of charge.



The designing process typically takes several weeks involving regular personal consultation with you in person and via telephone. Thus we ensure that the final design is created in accordance with your desire.


The design will also be presented to you in a 3D format, so that you can easily imagine the outcome of the renovation. Additionally, we will also design all the necessary technical details.



We implement the construction work with clockwork precision based on a previously formulated schedule and according to the highest quality standards. We aim to create a friendly atmosphere for our specialists in which precision, diligence, cleanliness of work area and passion for the profession are all top priorities. We believe that proper working conditions are a prerequisite for high quality work, whose outcome will serve your satisfaction.

Take a look at our reference projects. The images speak for themselves.

what we design

In the creative process of designing we aim at a fine balance between artistic freedom and technical precision. The former enables us to leave outworn schemes behind, and come up with innovative and ingenious ideas, while the latter guarantees accuracy, and makes sure we never lose sight of feasibility and deadlines. Therefore, you do not have to make a compromise; you do not have to make a choice between design and precision. We deliver them both.
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our work


We procure the majority of our products from Italy, the country of innovation and design. We offer a wide range of products of nearly 40 manufacturers which includes nearly everything needed for a full renovation. What holds true for the Italian gastronomy is also true for renovation: a small number of high quality and carefully selected ingredients yield the perfect harmony.
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