What drives us ahead?

Our sight is set on designing the most beautiful interiors in Budapest.


We believe that people deserve to live in the nicest homes. By improving their habitation we also improve their lives to be more harmonic.


As most people, you must also have dreamt to live in an apartment that satisfies all your needs and desires.

Our family enterprise was founded to fulfil this dream of yours, involving the most trustworthy designers and contractors. It has been six years now, since we have served our customers in our downtown office in Budapest. We offer you this six years of experience in providing our services.

Our most important feature is flexibility; the ability to adapt to the changing needs of each of our individual customers. We are not afraid of experimentation, and enjoy trying out new bold ideas. Moreover, we are fond of discovering new territories and gaining experience.


Our company, Flamingo Interiors, deals with interior decoration, interior design, construction and the procurement and sales of high quality materials. We are a company of European mentality and able to communicate in several languages including English, Italian, and French.


Renovation is our passion. Let us help you realize the home of your dreams.


We are looking forward to meeting you,


Anna Takács and Péter Szabó

Owners and managers of Flamingo Interiors